Reflections on the Top Posts of 2012

As I scrolled through my blog posts from 2012,
I decided to check out my stats
to see which posts of mine
have been the most "popular."

(I am assuming that is how all the bloggers
out in blogger world create their 
"Top 10" posts with,

I was VERY surprised by my #1,
but I will get to that in a bit...



So many of the fun, educational activities we do here 
at The Fantastic Five
are "borrowed" from bloggers
who are SO MUCH MORE creative than myself.

This post is one such idea "taken" from
Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational-
this bloggin' Mama has SO MANY wonderful ideas
I want to try out with my own kiddos 
in 2013...



My girls are STILL playing the game they have now
officially named "Borrowers."

In fact,
for Christmas they asked for more little items 
to place in their Borrower Houses...



I try to do a few "themed" days of learning
each homeschooling year,
so Dr. Suess' birthday seemed like an
easy and fun day to plan...



It's always fun to to teach about
throw-up in church... ;0)



Lapbooking is becoming more and more
an important part of our homeschooling.

I have found that when we are doing a lapbook
together on a subject,
it makes the unit run A LOT smoother
if I go ahead and assemble the book
before we start...



I think candy eyeballs make any sandwich better...



I am SO THANKFUL for sites like
Homeschool Share-
it makes lapbooking a lot easier for me!



More Science fun,
thanks to play dough and Pinterest!



I even made one of these works of art,
which were inspired by



I was FLOORED when I saw that 
this post had over

I am guessing the reason this has been viewed so much
is because it seems like EVERY parent 
is faced with the challenge of doing an
animal/plant cell project
with their kiddos at some point 
in their schooling.

This idea is by no means original,
but I hope that by showing others our
process in pictures,
it will make this project less
daunting for others.


that's it for 2012!

I am looking forward to what 2013 will bring!


  1. Oh wow! I will totally be adding some (most) of these into my schedule I'll be putting together next week! I'm not sure my 5 & 6 year old will get animal cells, but dang it we're doing it!!

    Signing up for you emails now too!

    Thank you!
    I saw your post on GMG-Luke Study.

  2. I can't wait to try that Jello Animal Cell with my kids!!!!!!! I remember seeing it linked up at Science Sunday - so cool!