Star Light, Star Bright...

This week we spent some more time
in Space by examining
star patterns,
otherwise known as...

After reading the pages about Constellations...
we examined Constellations more closely
with the use of...
 ...The Stars
H. A. Rey.

This book is AWESOME!

It takes traditional constellation pictures...
...and transforms them into 
dot-to-dot type pictures.

(I will be sad when we have to turn this
book back into the library...)


After reading about the constellations, the kiddos...
...put together some 
Constellation Match Books,
 which will be a part of our Space Lapbook. 

(You can find the match books on THIS page.)


To conclude our constellation fun,
the kiddos made themselves into 

(I discovered this incredibly cool idea
over on
Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational.)

We did our Constellations a bit differently, though...

...the kiddos posed...
...for their constellation pictures...
...and then I printed them out.

Then the kiddos...
...traced the photo
with another piece of paper
on the window.

When they traced their figures,
they did so as a stick figure drawing.

To finish them...
...the kiddos traced their pencil lines
in marker,
and placed star stickers on the "joints"
of the stick figure.

Here are the final results:

We should be studying the Sun this next week-
that is, if it every stops raining around here... ;0)


Check out more science fun over at
Science Sunday...


  1. That is such a great idea!!! We have to do it, too :)

  2. oh how creative! you should have done this a few weeks ago before I did my Space week! I would have had my kids do that too!

  3. That is a great idea! It looks like so much fun!

  4. Love this idea! I remember the first post that did it and it was really cool too.

  5. I really love this idea! What a great way to learn about the stars.

  6. I'm so glad your kids did constellation activity I blogged about. Their personal constellations turned out amazing!! Thanks for linking back!