Elf on the Shelf 2013 Adventures: Days 25-27

Day 25:

Safety in Stockings
When we arrived home,
we discovered that our sweet pups
had opened one of the Christmas gifts underneath
the tree,
as well as distributed a healthy amount of muddy foot prints
all over the place.

It apparently rained A LOT while we were gone!

So the elves sought protection in the stockings
for the evening...

Later that day,
after a bit of clean up and unpacking,
we all headed to Dollywood... spend the evening looking a the lights
and soaking in as much Christmas Spirit as we could
with our friends, the Nussbaums!


Day 26:
(Christmas Eve)

Gingerbread Men Decorating
Christmas Eve Service

Three of the Nussbaum kiddos
came home with us the night before,
so JJ continued his visit with us.
He and the other elves planned a little
Gingerbread Christmas Eve Surprise
for the kiddos that morning...

After reading 
"Gingerbread Baby"
and putting on a few silly puppet performances
(imagine MUCH laughter and shouting)...
...the kiddos each decorated their own Gingerbread Man.
We met back up with the rest of the Nussbaum clan
at church that evening... celebrate THE meaning behind all
of the Christmas fun.
Before the kiddos went to bed,
they helped set out some sweet treats for Santa.

*happy sigh*


Day 27:

Christmas Day!!!

Chess and Jolly stuck around to watch the kiddos
open their gifts Christmas morning,
but then they flew back to the North Pole
not long after the morning's festivities.

It was a CRAZY Christmas season
with our elves this year-
can't wait to see what they have
up their sleeves this season!!!



Elf on the Shelf 2013 Adventures: Days 21-24

Day 21:

Disney Shopping,
A Charlie Brown Christmas
We awoke this day to find the elves
enjoying the toiletries in the bathroom...

After we all got ready...
...and grabbed a "healthy" lunch...
...we got medicated and took off to Downtown Disney!
Baby Girl was really starting to feel better
by this day,
and I am glad,
because she was able to thouroughly enjoy
her visit to the
Little Miss Mismatch store!
(The elves are always making new friends...)

After all our shopping was done...
...the sickies settled in for the evening and watched
"A Charlie Brown Christmas"
while some of the others went swimming.

By this evening,
Jungle Girl seemed punier than normal
you guessed it-
started running a fever.

Another one bites the dust!


Day 22:

Mickey Ears,
More Magic Kingdom,
and the 
Since this was our last full day at Disney,
the elves woke up
READY to go and see the Magic Kingdom again...

They even had their own Mickey and Minnie Ears!

Since Jungle Girl was into full flu mode,
Super Dad stayed back at the hotel with her
while the rest of us went to the
Magic Kingdom to enjoy a very pleasant day...

Later in the afternoon we all met back up at the Monorail
to go and eat...


Day 23:

Thank You Notes,
Polynesian Eats,
Family Cookout,
The elves made certain that we left our hotel room
with a good attitude this day
by writing a Thank You note
to our hotel maid for the week... 
Then we ate one last meal at The Polynesian...

...and said our good-byes to Disney!

We then took a little road trip to see Super Dad's 
Aunt and Uncle who live in Florida...
...and the elves started to show signs
of missing the cooler temperatures
of the North Pole!
They toughed it out long enough for us to enjoy
a weinee roast with the fam...
...before heading to Clearwater to stay the night.
The kiddos all swam that night and marveled
at the dark beach
since they had never been to one before.



Day 24:
Though the elves were ready to leave that morning...
...we had to have a better look at the beach
(and another swim)...
...and get some crazy balloon creations at IHop...

...before we packed up and hit the road again!

I am telling ya,
these elves are seasoned travelers now!
We arrived home a couple of days before Christmas Eve
to a CROWDED airport-
but that was OK.

We were home-
and ready to celebrate!!!


The last of our elves adventures will be posted
about tomorrow-
please return to see how it all ends!


Elf on the Shelf 2013 Adventures: Days 16-20

Day 16: 

Up, Up, and Away We Go!
When the kiddos woke up
on the day we had to leave for Disney,
they discovered that the Nussbaum's elf JJ
(Remember him?)
had joined Chess and Jolly.

Since the Nussbaum kiddos couldn't join us
in Disney for our fun,
he let them know that he would go
with us and send them pics via his

(Who knew elves were so high tech?)

The elves (and the kiddos) were pretty excited
to ride on a plane for the first time,
even though they magically fly back to the
North Pole every night.
Since our plane was on a bit of a time delay,
the elves were able to explore the airport
before boarding...
When they finally were seated on Allegiant Air...
...they made certain they understand the
proper safety procedures for flying.
They also marveled at the view the plane
had to offer.
Sadly, Chess got a little motion sick on the flight-
next time, we will need to bring the Dramamine!
We arrived safely in Florida and collected our luggage...
...and then headed out to stay with some Florida friends
of ours on the first night.

Side note:

Baby Girl is forcing a smile here.

By the end of the evening,
she had a blazing temperature of 102,
and was just plain miserable.

Remember I mentioned in an earlier post
that three of us had the flu
during the Christmas season?

Well guess what-
we also had it while we were at



Day 17:

Sunday Morning with the Satterfields;
Arrival at Port New Orleans;
Downtown Disney Exploring
The elves enjoyed a nice leisurely morning
by the Satterfields' (our Florida friends) pool
the next day...
...and then we packed up and headed down to Disney World!

Man, Baby Girl is SUCH a trooper!

We didn't know she had the flu yet,
but we just kept pumping her with medicine and oils,
hoping she would feel better...
After settling in at our room Port Orleans...
...we went and explored the hotel
and grabbed a bite to eat.
(The elves stayed back in the room,
apparently chill in' out with their new traveling buddies...)

After eating,
Baby Girl and I went back and stayed in the room
while the others went out for a bit.

She was pretty miserable-
and by then,
I was starting to not feel that great either...


Day 18:

and a New Pal
When we all woke up in the morning,
we discovered that the elves went to the parks
after hours and met some of our
favorite Disney characters!
They brought the kiddos autograph books to use...
...and showed off their own!
During that day,
both Baby Girl and I just hung out in the room
with the elves because we were both yuck-o...

While we were there,
our cleaning lady came by and brought a little pal
to play with the elves-
isn't he cute?


Day 19:

Animal Kingdom,
Mickey's Magical Christmas Party
The elves observed me writing postcards 
the day before to people while I was sick,
so JJ decided to write some for me to send to his family
back in Tennessee...
The problem was they postcards were smaller
than the stamps,
so I just told him I would give them to the Nussbaums
when we got back from the trip.

After medicating myself and Baby Girl...
...we all ventured over to the Animal Kingdom...
...and watched the "Nemo Musical."

After an afternoon swim (for the healthy) and
nap (for the sick)...
...we all headed back out to the 
Magic Kingdom for
Mickey's Magical Christmas Party!


Day 20:

Lego Friends,
After sleeping in a bit from a late night at the Kingdom...
...the kiddos awoke to find a little gift from the elves!
The PLAN was to head out later
that day to Downtown Disney
to check out the Lego Store.

...after a pretty yucky luck experience at Epcot
(because of my illness, not the food)...
...Baby Girl and I gave it up and went took
a taxi to a local Walgreens clinic.

There we were diagnosed with the flu.

Too late for Tamiflu,
so we just had to rest and wait it out.



Please come back tomorrow
and see who gets sick NEXT 
at Disney World...