Itsy Bitsy Spider Fun

In honor of all Halloween being right around the corner,
I wanted to share an couple of 
activities that I taught my Preschool and Early Elementary
Homeschool Coop kiddos.

The activities are in a class called
"Mother Goose Math
(and a Fairy Tale or Two).

This particular week we learned
"The Itsy Bitsy Spider."

I opened the classes by letting the kiddos watch
part of THIS video on You Tube,
which sang
"The Itsy Bitsy Spider" song.


After my preschoolers watched the video clip...
...they played a game I like to call
"Up the Water Spout."
I took a pool noodle
(from The Dollar Tree)
and drew a long strand of spider silk
"down the water spout"
with a black permanent marker.

I then added a spider at the end,
and wrote the numbers 1-12
going up the spider silk.

To complete the game,
each child had his/her own spider on a pick
(also from The Dollar Tree)
an a die per every pair of children.
To play this counting/numeral recognition game,
the kiddos worked together in pairs
to get their spiders up the water spout
by rolling a die and moving their spider picks

This game worked really well for this age group-
and was SUPER simple to make!


After the kiddos played the game a couple of times,
I handed out spider baggies... the littles could practice using their fine motor skills
by making mini-sider webs.

Each baggie contained a couple of spider rings,
a shoe lace,
and a circle mesh grip.

ALL of these items-
(including the cute spider baggies)
were found at-
you guessed it-
The Dollar Tree!

(Aren't these littles the CUTEST?!?!?)


During my K-2nd grade class,
the kiddos focused on practicing
counting, adding, and subtracting using...
...card stock spider webs and a baggie full of insects.

I got the word problems and spider web pattern
from THIS Spider Teaching Packet.

The insects were from The Dollar Tree,
and since what I found was not the same
critters listed in the word problems,
I changed the problems around a bit.
I would read the problem aloud-
most of which were about Itsy Bitsy
and the critters she caught in her web.
As we went throughout the problems together,
the kiddos laid out the insects 
on their webs that the problem listed.
This was a GREAT way to practice word problems-
and make them FUN!

The kiddos enjoyed all of the creepy crawlies,
and I *think* the hands-on manipulatives
assisted them with understanding of the problems.


I think these activities prove
that almost anything can be used to learn.

before I finish up-
I wanted to leave you with a
bit of inspiration...



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Wearing My Heart on My...Shirt (Organ Systems Review)

I am finally coming to a close
on our Human Body study-
that we completed in the Winter/Spring
of 2014.


After we completed our study of the
major organ systems,
we decided to spend a week or so
with a bit of creative review.


One Friday we met up with our 
Lemonhead Homeschool Group friends
and played a raucous game of-
what else...


The next week,
we began working on creating...

(I am telling ya friends, the
has been a AWESOME source of inspiration for me
in several different homeschool units-


While we waited for layers to dry...
 ...the kiddos completed the organ review book
that is included at this post.


Confession Time:

It took us about 3 weeks to get these shirts finished.

We did move on in out Human Body study
before we completed the shirts, though.

It just took us a while, with all the other
activities going on in our schedules at the time-
and I wanted to make sure the layers
dried in between organs...


Here is the finished product!
Looking good!


To read about the other human body activities
we have completed,
just click HERE...


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Science Sunday...

You are What You Eat! (Digestive System Activities)

how about I FINALLY get back to our
Human Body Science activities?

MAN- working full time time is seriously interrupting my
blog scheduling... ;0)

Back in February,
the kiddos and I delved into learning about
the Digestive System one week.

Here are the activities we used
to learn more about our
"internal pluming"...


We began our study by watching...
...THIS three part video about the Digestive System.


After reading more about the small and large intestines,
using our
AIMS From Head to Toe study book...
...we used yarn to measure the length
of a person's intestines.

Thick yarn for the large intestines,
normal sized yarn for the small...

According to our reading and measurements,
the total length of my middle child's intestines
was *almost" as long as the length of our house!


A grossly informative experiment we did
in relation to the digestion of food in the human body
is called
Using simple household ingredients...
...we created a Bolus.
(chewed soft food moistened by saliva that forms a ball)

(Yeah- GROSS...)
We added more ingredients to see what the food
would look like and feel like
as it passes through the stomach...

Here is a pic of our food before the
digestive system and after the digestive system...


Check out other lessons we completed
to learn more about the Human Body by clicking


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June 6th-July 12th

June 6th-14th
Highlights from this week include:

*Honoring our fathers at church by making some
"Dad- you ROCK!"

*Sending Jungle Girl off for a week of church camp at the

*Helping our VBS mascot Iggy send special messages
to the other staff members at church

*Working and working and working
on the finalization of all the details for

*Picking up Jungle Girl from camp,
with the help of Toothless, of course...

*Going to see
"How to Train Your Dragon 2"
with the fam on opening day

(If we had not gone that day, I think
Jungle Girl would have died!)

*Ending the week at a Lowe's Build and Grow workshop
in which the kiddos made their own
wooden Toothless dragons


June 15th-19th
Highlights from this week included:

*This week was pretty much dedicated to

I hope to give a much more detailed post
about all of the fun we had later
on my blog-
as soon as I catch a break...


June 20th-28th
Highlights from this week included:

*S-L-O-W-I-N-G down at work a bit
after a fantabulous week of 
Vacation Bible School

*Getting the kidds focused on reading this Summer
with the help of THESE charts from

*Craftin' up some crazy flip flop art in honor of
National Flip Flop Day

*Hanging out with cousin Cadence and Uncle Tony
who came down to help my parents
paint prep their new home

*Garage sale and thrift store shopping

courtesy of my husband's work

While we were there, Little Wild Man and
Jungle Girl's boyfriend were selected to do
a game on the field.

The weather was lovely,
and we had a good time just being together.

*Iggy continued to surprise the WCC staff
(Hee! Hee!)

*Seeing How tot Train Your Dragon 2- again-
in 3D, thanks to Papa Hockman

(I have to admit, the 3D experience was AWESOME!)

*Attending another Lowe's Build and Grow workshop
in which the kiddos built a
sheep toss game based on the movie
How to Train Your Dragon 2


June 29th-July 5th
Highlights from this week included:

*4th of July fun!

Before the 4th, I crafted up a communion meditation
for my kiddos at Woodlawn
based on the idea of the freedom we have in Christ.

Then the actual 4th was a busy day!

We started with the 'hood's parade celebration,
which includes ice cream treats
and a dunking booth for the kiddos to play in.

*Later in the afternoon we went over to the
"Gerkin Mansion"
to celebrate family birthdays
with a 4th cookout.

And IS there a better way to end a day than with

I think not!

*Got our laundry and bags ready for a week of church camp

While doing one load of laundry,
I pulled out a wet towel from the washer
in the washing machine!!!

He was very dead-
and very clean-
and very flat.

I have NO IDEA how this came to pass,
but I am wondering if our kitten Thumper
may have something to do with it...


July 6th-12th
Highlights from this week included:

*Church Camp CRAZINESS!!!

Oh, I have MISSED going to church camp!

I finally got to volunteer this Summer,
and Baby Girl and Little Wild Man
both went with me.

I want to, again, write all about this experience
in a separate blog post-
there is just too many good things to share
to list here.

But one thing I do want to mention here
is how camp helped my kiddos

They did things at camp that they never
would have tried at home.

I am so proud of them both!


There we have it-
another 5 weeks down in the books
for 2014!

To read a photo play by play of the above collages,
just click HERE...


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Animal ABCs: Letter L

L is for Llama and Ladybug

Letter L Alphabet Box

(Read more about items in the Letter L Alphabet Box
by clicking HERE...)


Preschool Workbox Drawers
Letter Art
L is for Llama and l is for ladybug sheets
can be found in
1+1+1=1's Animal ABC pack.

The idea for this L Llama came from
...while these Lobster l's were inspired by


Dot a Dot Page

(From 1+1+1=1's Animal ABC pack)


Pattern Blocks


Play-Doh Letters

(From 1+1+1=1's Animal ABC pack)


Letter L Printables

(From 1+1+1=1's Animal ABC pack)


Letter L Poke Page

(I created these pages,
and if I can EVER get them to upload correctly,
I will totally share it with y'all!)


Lion Fine Motor Skills

Both the lion cut 'n paste sheet and magnet craft
came from
The Dollar Tree.


Ladybug Math Games

I found these activities over on

There are similar ones also over at


Llama Llama Red Pajama

After reading Llama Llama Red Pajama
to the littles...
...they colored images from THIS site
to use in the creation of their own
Little Llama puppets.

On another day,
during the babies' nap time...
...Little Wild Man and Smiley B
used their
(found at Target in the party supplies)... "l"ocate different "L" pictures from the story.
I hid the pictures throughout our
"l"iving room.


Letter L Books

Larry the Lobster..
...kept the books company and was a fun
addition for the little to play with
during our "L" studies.


You can also check out other
Letter L ideas we didn't get to on my


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