Olympic Lapbook Learning

 We began our 
Olympic Lapbook study today,
and I wanted to post how we are doing it
in case anyone else out there needs some ideas
for some Olympic learning.

(Opening ceremonies are THIS Friday, people!
Woot! Woot!)


I created our lapbook using
five file folders...
 ...three on the inside,
and two one the outside to create a pocket.

I am combining two different Olympic lapbooks,
which is why I used so many folders.

The lapbooks are
A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks'
Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett's

 This is our cover,
soon to be filled with the kiddos' self-portraits.
 Folder One:
Greece and the Ancient Olympics
 Folder Two:
Modern Olympic Information,
including the 2012 Olympics in London, England
 Folder Three:
More Info on the
Modern Olympics 

(The piece of blank red paper will be covered
with Olympic medals the kiddos will design later.)
 Flaps from Other Folders:
This is where the kiddos will keep track
of who won gold medals in different Olympic events.
 Back Outer Pocket:

Timeline and Trivia from 
the Modern Olympics
is on the outside of the pocket
In the inside of the pocket,
(which you can learn to make HERE)
I have placed the study guide and the following
worksheets/activities we will hopefully be completing
during the unit:


Have fun with all YOUR Olympic learning!

PLEASE leave any other resources you are using
for your Olympic Studies in the comments section...

Until then,
"Faster, Higher, Stronger!"


  1. That is an impressive lapbook, for sure!

  2. It looks awesome! I really like how its prepared ahead of time, so kids just have to fill in it, decorate it, etc. Perhaps I will do that too. Keep up the good work!