Starry, Starry Night: Science Meets Art

We are still
carrying on with our Space Study,
so I thought studying
Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night"
seemed like an appropriate
cross-curricular connection...
We read a couple of beautiful fictional books
to the kiddos about Vincent
which featured his art.

using the instructions I found HERE
over at 
...the kiddos and I began our own versions of 
"Starry Night."
We used glue...
...Lots and lots...
...glue to create our outlines.


After a good day and a half of dry time...
...I reviewed what 
"Starry Night" 
looks like with the kiddos
before they began coloring with our
oil pastels.

(I had to post the above pic that Jungle Girl took
since this scene-
me feeding the baby while teaching-
often happens during the week at our home...)
We had a great time coloring in our 

(Even though sometimes deciding on what colors
to use was tough!)


Here are our final masterpieces:

I even created one-
it was a very relaxing thing to do!
What a COLORFUL way to link
art with science!


I'll be linking this activity up with the following:


  1. I love all of these shots... especially the one of you with the kids at the table holding the baby. :-) Homeschool moms are the best multitaskers ever!

    The art projects are great!

  2. I love the shot of you feeding the baby! How awesome is that!

    And their projects are wonderful.

  3. They turned out so beautiful!

  4. What wonderful pictures! Love the look of the books you recommended too! I haven't seen those yet!

    Great technique. Great process. Looks like you had fun!

    Thank you for joining our Arty journey on Kids Get Arty!