Borrower Houses

A month or so ago,
Jungle Girl finished reading...
...The Borrowers
Mary Norton.

The movie,
is based on this book,
and my girls are both looking forward to 
seeing it-
WHEN it comes to the Dollar Theater...

as a culminating project 
for finishing the book,
and anticipating seeing the movie,
I let the girls create their own
Borrower Houses.


 After the girls each picked out a 
shoebox in our 
Recycling Stash,
I let them go "shopping"... my garage craft stash.

(Later, the girls also pulled out some items
from their Lalaloopsy collection,
which really blended well,
since the dolls and their items
have a home fashioned appearance...)

their imaginations did
the rest of the work...


Here is a tour...
...through Baby Girl's house...
 This is the upstairs
living area,
(aka The Lid of the Shoebox)
which includes:
...a Bottle Cap Dining Set...
 ...and a kitchen corner.

A giant paper snowflake rug ties
everything together... ;0)
 The bottom level
of the shoebox house 
 ...Beaded Escape Ladders...
 ...Sticker Wallpaper...
...and a cozy bed,
with a comforter made out of 
and olde pair of jeans.


onto a tour...
...of Jungle Girl's home.
 We will begin with her
outdoor landscaping,
which includes...
 ...a spool swing seat...
 ...and a bridge entry way.

In her bottom level lies...
 ...Sponge Beds and a Balloon Beanbag
for the children...
 ...and another Sponge Bed for the parents,
complete with a Matchbox Dresser.

 Upstairs is a great place for the
"Borrowers" to hang out...
 ...because there is plenty of
Popsicle Bench Seating...
 ...and a Bottle-cap Dining Room Set.


I am so impressed... my girlies' creativity!

if I can just get them to clean up after
the "Borrowers" come and play
in their room...


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  1. I loved those books as a girl. I read them SO many times! I'm really hoping they don't mess up the books in the movie. fingers crossed

  2. Wow! What wonderful wonderful houses!!! How fantastic. So great when the kids can come up with their own things and really let their imagination run wild. Wonderful!

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  3. I loved these books too, I can't wait to read it with Emily and Juliette. These borrower houses are adorable I love the creativity that went into them!!

    Thank you for linking up to stART :)

  4. I love all the wonderful details in your house! What a great job!

    Thank you for linking to Read. Explore.Learn.

  5. awesome! My girls would love this!


  6. I love all of the creative little furniture! And how cool that now that have all these photos showing all of their hard work! I can't wait to do some of this fun doll house creating with my daughter.