Homeschooling, Seuss-Style

March 2nd
Dr. Seuss' Birthday.

with the help of my
Pin Board
and some other freebies
found around the Internet,
I planned a 
Seuss Themed Day of Homeschooling...


I had a few little gifts...
...waiting for the kiddos at the kitchen table
when they got up.

(Lorax mustaches: Homemade
Seuss socks and pins: Target Dollar Spot)


For breakfast we had
what else but...
...Green Eggs and Ham.

(While the kiddos ate at each of our daily meals,
I read to them the Dr. Seuss book
which the meal was based on.)


During morning school...
...the kiddos completed
several Dr. Seuss inspired activities.

(I will post where I got our activities at the end
of this post.)

I also read...
...a short biography about Dr. Seuss,
and the first children's book Dr. Seuss ever published.


Our lunch was sponsored... the Lorax...
...complete with the Lorax himself
and cotton candy Truffula trees.

(You can read more about the lunch by clicking


During the afternoon the kiddos made...
 ...pipe cleaner Truffula trees
and ate a snack... for...
...The Cat in the Hat.

A special afternoon moment for me
was when Baby Girl read...
...On Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
to me...

Reading has clicked
BIG time for her this year-
I am so glad we made the decision to 
"repeat" the 1st grade with her...


To top off the evening,
we had a fun supper,
consisting of...
 ...Cat in the Hat pizza
Thing 1 and Thing 2 cupcakes.


 Happy Birthday,
Dr. Seuss!
Four Little Lorax Lovers


Free Dr. Seuss Activities:

The Lorax K-5 Unit


Linking up
Show-and-Share Saturday...


  1. You really went all out! I made the mistake of watching Dr. Seuss' biography, last year - it took all the fun out celebrating his birthday.

    1. What biography did you watch? My interest is peaked...

  2. Mmmmm cotton candy...... I don't think there'd be any left for the kiddos to eat.

  3. That Lorax lunch was SOOOOO cute! Actually, all of your Suess--ness was. But the lunch just took the cake!


  4. Well lookitchu! Those little hats are totally cute! I think I just read that Taylor Swift is a voice in the new Lorax movie? Maybe? Which makes me want to see it, cause I love Taylor Swift. If she's in it. I can't remember, actually. But I think I read that...somewhere...