Bible Alive! Tuesday: Throw-up?!?!?

This past month at church,
we have been studying Proverbs,
with a focus on the virtue of
Each week, a different Proverb.
Each week, a different aspect of self-control.
This past week,
Proverbs 25:16 was our focus:
"If you find honey,
eat just enough.
If you eat too much of it,
you will throw up."
 Say WHAT?!?!?
we are gonna talk about throw-up today kiddos...


We discussed how too much of something
can be really bad for you..

We all need to know when to STOP.


To illustrate the point further,
I read Eric Carle's...
...The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

After reading the story,
I emphasized to the kiddos the part of the story
in which the caterpillar gets a stomachache
after he eats a succession of foods in one day.

If he had known when the STOP,
he wouldn't have gotten a stomachache.


The kiddos then created...
...some "caterpillar art" as a reminder of the 
day's lesson...
 I gave them all a copy of the verse...

(You can download a copy by clicking HERE.)
...glue sticks...
 ...red, green, and small yellow paper circles...
...and markers.
They then created...
 ...their own caterpillars...
 ...which they can use as a reminder...
 ...to know when to STOP!


So how have you been making the Bible
come Alive! for your kiddos?

Please link up your fun below...



  1. I never would have thought to use Eric Carle in a Sunday School lesson, but the story fits perfectly with the Proverb - well done!

  2. Are you using 252 Basics in your Sunday School? That's what our church is using too (of course we had to be the rebels and not use it.....)

  3. I love your capterpillar! The kids will so remember this message!