December 22nd-28th

Week 52 of 2012-
Highlights from this Christmas week:

*Finished up all the Christmas
shopping and wrapping and crafting and baking-
including making the kiddos' ornaments
out of Sculpy this year.

(Now, if I could just keep them from breaking...)

*Saw pictures of my friend's, Bernie,
new baby twins!

They were born on 12/21/12-
a healthy baby boy and girl.

I cannot WAIT to meet them in person someday!

*Had fun playing games with Nana and Papa,
who got to come down from Indiana 
for Christmas.

(May I just say that Pictionary may not be
Nana's game-

*Enjoyed a sweet Christmas Eve service at church
in which the kiddos played
a shepherd, an angel, and the star
in the Nativity.

*Celebrated Christmas day with
both sets of grandparents-
and I do believe the kiddos made out like bandits!

Jungle Girl got an iPod Touch,
Baby Girl got some pretty fun earrings and Legos,
and Little Wild Man got a Dune Buggy.

these children are loved by many people-
and Super Dad and I are blessed
to have so many people
contributing to the kiddos' Christmas gifts... ;0)

*Spent the day after Christmas with a "hang over"-
and I don't even drink alcoholic beverages!

It was nice to just be lazy and spend the day
staying in my PJ's...

*Went tot he church parking lot and let the kiddos
race Little Wild Man's Dune Buggy-
man, it was C-O-L-D!

If it is gonna be this cold,
why can't we have some SNOW?

*Went to the mall to spend some Christmas money,
including Super Dad FINALLY getting his
Latte maker-

(He has wanted this since he first heard about it-
he even told me he dreamed about it...)

*Introduced the kiddos to


I can't believe this was the last full week of

There are a few days left of 2012,
so my weekly wrap-up
will be a bit earlier next week,
and then I get to make a 

I am very excited about this-
ever since I saw THIS over at
Whimsy Love,
I knew I wanted to do one to.

And I am almost there...


To check out a play by play of the above collage,
just click HERE...


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