Science Sunday: A Space Lapbook

Throughout our Space Study this past year,
the kiddos each created a lapbook,
full of info about our Solar System.

I wanted to take y'all through their lapbooks,
in case you want your kiddos
to do one someday...


This is Jungle Girl's cover
(Panel 1)
for her three folder lapbook.


Here are Panels 2 and 3...
Panel 2 contains...
Panel 3 includes...
...planet atmosphere booklets...
...and the
"How Many Moons Does Each Planet Have?"


Here are Panels 4 and 5.
Panel 4 includes a Moon Phase Dial
and scripture.
Panel 5 has...
...The Origins of the Planet Names booklet...
... and a Rotation in Earth Time Dial.


Here is the lapbook
when it is completely open,
displaying Panels 6 and 7.
Panel 6 includes...
...a sun directional booklet...
..."Solid or Gas?" Planet Cards...
 ...a Planet Temperature booklet...
...a mnemonic device booklet
for remembering the planets names...
...a Revolution/Orbit in Earth Time booklet...
...and a "Distance From the Sun" fold-out.
Panel 7 focuses on the differences in a person's
Gravity/Weight on each planet.


Panel 8
(on the back of the lapbook)
...a Special Facts about the Planets
flap book.


I was VERY PROUD of Jungle Girl...
...for completing this lapbook.

It was a lot of hard work on her part,
but she stuck it out,
and HOPEFULLY has learned a lot about
our Solar System by doing it.


my younger kiddos also completed lapbooks,
but their books were smaller than their older sister's.
They had the Constellations Match Booklets
and Space Trading Cards.

But instead of all the other booklets...
...they colored, cut out, and ordered some
planet pictures.
They also had a Moon Phase Dial,
a sun directional booklet,
and memory verse in their lapbooks.
They also drew a picture of what they thought
and alien might look like...
...and made a planet pictures booklet.


You can find all the printables we used
for this Space Lapbook
(as well as many others)
at the following links:


Check out more 
Science fun over at


  1. I am so pinning this! It's awesome. Thanks for sharing on Science Sunday!

  2. What an awesome lapbook! Did you design this yourself? It is so cool.