June 16th-22nd

Our VBS "Missions Trip" began this week...


Day 6 of Cousin Camp-


After making Father's Day gifties
with my K-1 class at church...

(The kiddos decorated foam cola can covers
and gave their daddies each a can of pop
with THIS sleeve cover) 

...we headed to Dollywood
with one of our favorite families
and had a day of fun!



It was a good day to get caught up on the laundry
and defrost the freezer.

The kiddos wanted to speed up the defrosting process,
so they all grabbed hammers and began
chinking away the ice.

This was SERIOUS fun for
Little Wild Man-
he worked on it until dark
and when he got up the next morning...



More laundry and household chores,
then we headed over to my parents for a 
"mini reunion"

They live in New Jersey now,
which is about 12 hours north of us,
so it was nice to eat and and spend time with them.



Let the VBS "Missions Trip" begin!

Let me explain-

Our church,
in conjunction with 2 other churches,
is hosting a mini-VBS 
at a local inner city park.

On Wednesday,
we held a block party to promote the event.

It was fun,
and it seemed to work,
because on Thursday, we had 50 kiddos 
from the community attend the event...


Thursday and Friday:

More VBS!

I am in charge of worship and the 
"opening" of each night,
and, so far,
are cruddy sound system is holding up!

What I am REALLY enjoying about this event 
are these things:

1.  Getting to work with other people from other churches

2.  Seeing my kiddos interact with kiddos
whose backgrounds are very different from their own 

3. Giving bear hugs to all the cutie-patootie kiddos
who are coming to the event!

I am pretty excited to see
what God has in store 
for us and the kiddos as the event 
comes to a close on Saturday...


To see a photo play-by-play of the collage above,
just click HERE...


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  1. I think your VBS "Mission Trip" is such a wonderful idea -- this is truly the hands of God at work.

    Thanks for linking! :-)

  2. The VBS Mission Trip seems to have had a nice turn out. The girls participated in VBS this past week, and my oldest was really thrilled about helping to make care packages for the children in our local Children's Hospital. It is a blessing to hear children share their thoughts about giving and God. Have a great weekend!