Planet Trading Cards

A couple of weeks ago,
we began studying the 
planets in our Solar System.

We will spend time on each individual planet,
but before that,
I wanted the kiddos to have an overall
view about all of the planets.

We began this lesson by watching...
...THIS movie we got from the library.

(It was a tad "dry,"
but the kiddos did learn from it,
so it served its purpose.)

After the DVD,
the kiddos made some...
which will be part of their 
Space lapbooks.
 After cutting out...
...all of the Planet info cards...
(with Baby Blue's assistance, of course!)
...the kiddos glued them together
to create the cards.

(We cut out the game play question on each card,
since we would not be playing the game with the cards.)

Jungle Girl especially enjoyed...
...reading the factoids on the cards as she completed them.

we will be headed to Mercury...


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  1. Great activities. Looks like your kids a really engaged and enjoying the activities.

    I like these cards. I pinned them. I just posted about a great series on the solar system and have lots of pinned activities if you are interested.

  2. Love these trading cards! I'm pinning this for when we do astronomy.