Bible Alive!: Bible Buddies

To wrap up our June Sunday School Study 
on the virtue of
I made a little giftie for my
K-1 kiddos.

(I was inspired by the


These little guys are called 
Bible Buddies,
and they were pretty simple to make...
1. Get a medium to large sized pom pom.
 2.  Hot glue (or use craft glue)
and attach two foam hearts to the
bottom of the pom pom
to create "feet."
3.  Glue a magnet onto the "feet."
4.  Glue another magnet on the scripture strip
you are using for your Bible Buddy.
 5.  With the magnets in two spots,
the Buddy can stick to the scripture,
and still be taken off to be played with-
'cause I know my kiddos would want to play with them.
 6.  Time to customize the critters!
7.  To give the Bible Buddies ears,
I took little floral pieces and twisted them...
 ...and glued them to the top of the pom pom.
 8.  Add some eyes...
9.  ...and a small pom pom/small foam heart nose,
and the Bible Buddy is complete! 


 The possibilities of "personalities" for these buddies
is endless... have fun creating a batch to encourage your kiddos
to keep God's word close at hand.

Keep on making the Bible come Alive! for your kiddos!

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  1. I think I had a Sunday school teacher make these for the class when I was little - I love it!