Sunday Science: The Moon is Made of Oreos, not Cheese...

We have moved away from our
Electricity study for a bit
and moved into a 
Space Study.

We were inspired to do so by
THIS Almanack.

(You can see how it guided us
to do some star-gazing
by clicking HERE...)


After looking at the stars
during a full moon,
I felt it would be appropriate to 
learn more about the 
Phases of the Moon.

We began our evening of
"moon phasing fun"
by watching...
...Muppets in Space.

I know, I know,
not very educational,
but it set the tone for the evening...


After the movie,
we went to the kitchen table
to look at...

(We will be using this book throughout
our space unit.)

We focused on the pages...
...that described the phases of the moon.

As we went through the pages,
we also completed...
Moon Phases Dial.


In order to review
what we just learned,
I was inspired by an idea from my

I created THIS chart
for the kiddos to
lay out their Oreos on.

After giving each kiddos a few Oreos
to work with,
I let...
...the licking begin!

Side note:
You can use THIS pdf to help
teach Oreo Moon Phases-
it looks pretty useful.
We didn't use it because I did not discover it
until AFTER we completed this lesson...
Once the kiddos...
 ...had all their Oreos in place,
it was time to eat!


While the kiddos ate,
I read to them...
Frank Ashe.
What a SWEET way to end the evening...


To check out more sweet Science fun,
head on over to 


  1. It's amazing how often non-educational movies can really open up into a nice science themed discussion.

  2. I"m a firm believer in the awesomeness of oreo cookie phases of the moon.