Solar Power

After studying
the kiddos and I put on some sunscreen
for the next stop in our 
Space Study...
...The Sun.

After reading about this ginormous star in the
...the kiddos completed a couple of elements
for their Space Lapbooks.
You can find the Sun Simple Fold booklet by
clicking HERE.

The Bible Verse Card can be found in THIS
Preschool Pack.
(I love the faces Baby Girl drew on her 
Setting Suns...)


We have already tested the Sun's power
a few months ago by baking mini-pizzas in our
so we decided to delve into some more 
Sun experiments using...
...Steve Spangler's

We will do more experiments with
the beads in the Summer,
when the Sun is at it's peak.

 Since our weather is rather temperamental
 right now,
(rainy with a chance of tornadoes
one day and
beautifully sunny the next)
we decided to try a
Cloudy Day/Sunny Day Experiment...


My two little helpers...
...still clad in PJ's and/or 
clothes from the day before,
braved the sprinkles... place a baggie filled with beads 
outside to soak up some rays.
This is what the beads looked like
after 15 minutes.


Later on that rainy day,
Jungle Girl wondered what the beads
would do...
 ...if she placed them on... of our lamps.
not the best picture,
but there was some color change to the beads
after 15 minutes.


a couple of days after our Cloudy Day experiment,
it was bright and beautifully sunny... we put another baggie of beads outside.
Here are the results after 15 minutes.


Here is a side-by-side comparison 
of all the beads:


Through this experiment,
I was able to show the kiddos
how a person can acquire a sunburn
on a cloudy day...

Sunscreen, anyone?


To find out the scientific explanation
for the reason why these beads work,
just click HERE.


 Check out more science fun over at


  1. So, are the beads supposed to change to white, like in the bottom Sunny bag or to brighter colors?

    I'm so confused. I need more caffeine.

    1. I am so sorry for the confusion! The beads come to you totally white, but a s soon as you hit some sun rays, they start to turn colors. They even turned slightly colored against our lamp! We are definitely going to be enjoying jewelry making with these in the Summer...