Science Sunday: Solar Oven Pizza

This past week,
we were DEFINITELY inspired
by Summer's HEAT

(AND this post over on Frugal Family Fun-
thank you Valerie!)

to create...
...a Pizza Box Solar-Powered Oven!

(I found the directions on-line somewhere-
sorry I don't remember the link-
but I'm sure you could easily Google it,
or just did we what did below...)
Take an old pizza box and use scissors
or a knife... cut a flap in the top
of the box.
Get some thicker plastic...
(We used a couple of
plastic sheet protectors taped together)
...and tape it to the under side of the flap
to cover the hole.

Make sure to tape it well so there are no "leaks."
Cover the bottom of the flap with aluminum foil
and glue it on to keep it secure.

(Make sure to keep the foil smooth.)
Cover the bottom inside of the box with aluminum foil
and glue it into place.
Tape black construction paper on top
of the black construction paper.
Close the box and prop open the flap with a
wooden skewer.
On the pizza box lid,
I used a hole punch to create a place
to put the wooden skewer.


After we made our oven,
we got to got cookin'!
We made English Muffin Pizzas...
...using this pizza sauce recipe.

(I was too lazy to type it out,
so I just took a picture of the recipe-
it's super easy, CHEAP, and yummy to make!)
After we made our pizzas...

...we found a sunny spot to cook them in the oven-
on top of our mailbox!
After waiting 40 minutes,
we checked in on the pizzas... discover they were cooked.

Then we sat back...
...and enjoyed......our Science snack!

For more fun in the sun Science,
head on over to Science Sunday...


  1. I take it from the kids' faces, that it was indeed a good sunny day for solar cooking! Glad it worked so well for you. We've had terrible luck with clouds rolling in, everytime I pull our cooker out, this summer.

  2. Yummy. I've heard you can do the same thing to make new crayons. Haven't tried it yet, but I've heard you can.

  3. That is SO awesome! And those pizzas look really yummy!

  4. After seeing this on Curious George, I thought about trying it out. It's definitely been hot enough this summer! Your idea of baby pizzas is a good one - I had serious doubts about George's full 9x13 pan of lasagna. :)

  5. Oooo, we did this, but made s'mores with ours. The marshmallows don't get toasted, but they get soft, and so does the chocolate. Place a piece of chocolate on one graham cracker piece and the marshmallow on the other, and cook until both are soft. It was messy, yummy fun.

  6. Yay!!! So happy you tried this, and it looks like the kiddos had a great time too! :-) You just made my day! xoxo