TOS Crew Review: Celestial Almanack, Volume 2 (February)

Last night,
while looking at...
...the full moon over Target,
I KNEW the evening was perfect to
go star gazing with the kiddos,
with the assistance of...

(A Visual Representation of the Sky).


 This downloadable 19 page document
astronomy information
relating to the actual celestial happenings
in February 2012.

This ezine is a companion to the 
Astronomy Homeschool Curriculum,
but this curriculum is NOT needed
to use the monthly almanacks.

Each pdf document is $3,
so that's only $36 for an entire year's worth
of historical, biblical, and scientific 
astronomy info.


This simple ezine has inspired us to complete
an Astronomy unit,
which all kicked off
with our star-gazing fun...
After we all got bundled up,
we headed over to a local park
which has a big open field,
good for star viewing.

We went around 8pm,
as recommended in one of the sections
of the almanack.
 We easily saw the GORGEOUS full moon,
and then looked to the clear illustrations
in the almanack to see what else we could find.

We began with locating...
...Orion, the hunter,
and his faithful dog, Sirius.

We even saw him "hunting down"
Taurus, the bull.

(Again, information about all the constellations
are in the Almanack.)


Finally, we set our sites on
the planets...
...Jupiter and Venus.

And guess what?
We found them!

( I could only get a pic of Jupiter-
Venus wasn't bright enough for my camera.)


All in all,
I would say if you need a good starting point
for studying the heavens,
PLEASE check out
the Almanack.

there will be a new one each month,
so consider checking them out over on


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I received this product free for my
open and honest review.
I was not compensated in any other way.

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