Weekly Wrap-Up: This Week Sponsored by the Letter R (and AA, AAA, C, and D)

There was a focus this week on the Letter R-
at least in Baby Girl and Little Wild Man's lessons...

We read LOTS of books that had "R" words
in them,
beginning with this book...

I love the Sound Box series of books
by Jane Belk Moncure.

Our libraries have several copies of
each book from the series-
I WISH I had discovered these earlier in the year!

Other books we read with "R" words included...
...and these.

(And lest you think that Grumpy Bird
doesn't have any "R" words....
...behold his friends, Raccoon and Rabbit!)

We created Rabbits and Rainbows
for our Letter Art...

(Read more by clicking HERE)

...and read even MORE stories with
raccoons in them.

We did many activities from KidsSoup
and Make Learning Fun
with the Letter this and this and this.
After reading The Kissing Hand
(yet ANOTHER Raccoon story)...
...we had fun with stamps by doing THIS activity.
("B" is for "B"aby Girl!)

Perhaps one of the best "R" activities
we did this week was taking a...
...Rainbow Walk!

(Read more by clicking HERE)


Jungle Girl moved happily forward in Math...

...and focused on ordinal numbers,
days of the week, and
the months of the year.

(I truly believe she whizzed through this unit
because we do Calendar time often...

Read more about how we manage our
Calendar Time by clicking

For some fun Spelling practice...
...we played Hang Man.

(Read more by clicking HERE)

In Reading,
Jungle Girl started a new book...
...and lapbook.

(Read more by clicking HERE)


In Social Studies,
we learned a bit about the history of...
....China and Japan.

(Read more by clicking HERE)

The HIGHLIGHT of our week,
had to involve our new...
...Battery Study.

(I will be posting the link to our battery lesson
later on Sunday Science...)

And what a better way to CELEBRATE
battery power...
...than by making lightsabers!

(Read more by clicking HERE)

After changing the batteries
in your fire alarm that won't stop BEEPING,
go check out what other
homeschooling families have been up to
at the Weekly Wrap-Up...


  1. I love the rabbits and racoons!
    Janet W

  2. I'm sensing a theme here... :D

  3. Wow, that looks like a lot of fun! Can we come to your house and play? :-)

  4. Sure Valerie! I bet it wouldn't take you over 14, 15 hours tops! (WHERE is that transporter they had on Star Trek when you need one?)

  5. You guys sure had loads of fun with the letter R. Our plan is to start working on letters next week and I am in the midst of planning for the letter S.

    The sound box series sounds fantastic. I clicked over to your Kidsoup link and decided it was time to sign up for an annual subscription.

    I really like the idea of a Rainbow walk. I think Savvy and Blakie would have a ball collecting different coloured items.

    I had forgotten all about Hangman. My sister and I used to enjoy playing this when we were younger.

  6. How did I miss your lightsaber post? Going now to check that out.
    Great, now I have the Star Wars theme stuck in my head.