Rainbow Walk

For our Science lesson yesterday,
we began by reading...Where Once There Was a Wood
by Denise Fleming,

Planting a Rainbow
by Lois Ehlert...

Over in the Meadow
by John Langstaff,
Charlie and Lola:
We are Extremely Very Good Recyclers
by Lauren Child.

After listening to these books,
we looked in our Science book and discussed
how animals and plants have had to adapt
to live in the "human" world.
Then we went on a
nature walk
in our neighborhood,
which had a three-fold purpose...

1. To observe how animals and plants
have adapted to living in our neighborhood

2. To pick up any trash in our neighborhood
that we found along the way

3. To collect nature items and put them in our
Rainbow Containers
(Hence the title of our post,
"Rainbow Walk")

(I have seen this idea on a couple of different blogs.
Our version for collecting the objects was a simple
egg carton, each section colored with
Dot-a-Dot markers.)
Both Baby Girl and Little Wild Man
are working on the letter R this week,
so collecting items that are
"r"ainbow colored was there job...
...and Jungle Girl worked on collecting

We also took pictures of the adaptations
nature has made to "live" in our
Here's an ant hill in a neighbor's yard...
A wasp making her nest in the corner of our porch...
(SO SORRY Ms. Wasp,
we will NOT continue to let you live here
much longer...)
A butterfly on some neighbor's flowers...
....and there's always a couple of birds
who nest yearly in our ivy.

Here's the "loot" we collected...

Sadly, we could NOT find blue items
(that we would be allowed to pick)...
...so I took a picture of the BEAUTIFUL
blue sky we saw during our walk.

We LOVE nature!


  1. That was a very well thought out lesson!

  2. (I would LIKE to claim it was "well thought out", but it really came together organically...)

  3. I like the loot. We'd have a similar problem with collecting all the colors, it's hard to find things we're allowed to pick.

  4. Wow what a great walk activity! I think Emily would love to do this, thanks for the great idea :0)

  5. Oh, I sooo miss doing fun stuff like this! But I can resume concentrating on the fun stuff now that my high schooler is almost a college student!