"Dangerous" Spelling Practice

Practicing spelling words can be dangerous at our house...

For a stick man, that is!

I got the idea to play Hangman
with Jungle Girl's spelling words
from a dear Homeschool Co-op friend of mine...
To save paper,
I drew a noose on a piece of paper
and stuck it in a page protector.

We then use a dry erase marker
to play the game...

The younger kiddos like to get in on the fun too...

(I find it funnily creepy that "killing someone"
can be so entertaining...)


  1. very good idea! Maybe I can practice this way w Lu before her test each week! Great idea thanks!

  2. Did you know that you can buy very expensive versions of this rather than writing it out on paper? I've always thought that funny, I've got a plastic toy version from when I was teaching that was an after-Easter sale.

  3. That IS funny Ticia! (Although, if someone GAVE me a version like this, I would use it in a heartbeat!)

  4. Who doesn't love a game of hangman? Yes, it is very odd that you are hanging a person!

    This game along with I-Spy are my go-to time fillers on days that I substitute when I have a few minutes to fill.

    I would love if you linked this up to Writer's World on my blog. I love how you made the game reusable!