"Socks" Lapbook

Jungle Girl has started a new book this week...
Beverly Cleary...
a classic, in my opinion...

So, I thought a little lapbook......for Jungle Girl to complete
would be a fun addition to her work
as she reads the book.

The inside of the book contains
four different activities for her complete...
...some daily and at different times during the book.
Activity 1:
Comprehension Questions
(I got these questions from our Sonlight Curriculum)
Activity 2:

This is a pocket containing a note card for each chapter
on which Jungle Girl will draw a picture
of something important from each chapter.
Activity 3:
Vocabulary Words
Activity 4:
Author Biography

At the end of the book, I will let Jungle Girl do a bit
of research and write down some information about
Beverly Cleary.

When Jungle Girl got this lapbook on the first day,
she was very excited...

MUCH MORE excited than if I had just given her a
piece of paper with questions to answer...

We LOVE lapbooks!


  1. We have yet to do a lapbook - but we LOVE Beverly Cleary!

  2. I've never even HEARD of this Cleary book! That is really weird for me. I'm going to have to check that one out.

  3. Say WHAT Sarah?!?! I am SHOCKED by your lack of Clearly knowledge... :0)

  4. Hilarious!!! I follow you on pinterest and happened to google the book "Socks" today and found you here.

    I recognized you right away because I love your Wonder Woman picture -- in particularly because I had the exact same Wonder Woman outfit and have a picture that looks super similar of me standing in my front yard. lol....

    It's a small world wide web after all.