Science Sunday: Batteries are the BOMB!!!

We have begun a new unit in our Science this week...
After watching some DVD segments...
(from our InquisiKids Discover & Do Level 2)
...the kiddos got to work exploring batteries.
They sorted them...
Compared their appearances...
...including their size...
...and shape.
(Bump on the top...)
(...flat on the bottom.)

We also noticed the V on the batteries
(for volts),
"Size" letters (AA, AAA, C, D),
and the + and - markers.

After all our observations...
...the kiddos had to play with
the batteries, of course!

(Jungle Girl says this is R2D2)
You can even make letters with batteries!

Up next, we are going to try to make our own circuit...
...with these directions...
...and this kit.

(I'm keeping my fingers crossed...)

For more science fun,
head on over to
Science Sunday...


  1. I loved playing with electricity in school as a kid. Maybe that explains so much about me......
    And I totally see Jungle Girl's R2D2.

  2. She will appreciate that comment Ticia- she keeps asking me to put it together for her permanently- I have a feeling we will be ending our battery unit with some battery sculptures!

  3. From your post title I was afraid you threw one of your batteries into your burn pile. I had a friend do that, by accident, once - it really does turn into a bomb!

    And yes, Jungle Girl, it does look like R2D2 :)

  4. Make sure the button batteries are not swallowed by child nor pet!

    They will literally burn holes in the stomach or colon.

  5. Very interesting. I would also show them a laptop battery for comparison - looks very different :) I'll keep electricity for older ages, but I like how you made it interesting for kids of different ages.