Geography/History: Origami Sunflowers

As we continued our journey through time
in our history books this week,
we read briefly about the Emperors...
...of China...
...and Japan.

To investigate China just a bit more,
I read the kiddos...
Red is a Dragon: A Book of Colors
Roseanne Thong.

In the back of the book, it lists some
Chinese items,
such as firecrackers and jade,
which we discussed.

To bring a bit of Japanese culture
into our home,
I found a pretty simple piece of
origami for the girls to do...

An Easy Origami Sunflower
Baby Girl needed my assistance with the folds...
...but Jungle Girl was able to do the tutorial
pretty much independently.
They turned out rather pretty...
The girls SHOULD be proud!

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the world,
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  1. Super cute. I think that's origami I could do.

  2. Very nice flowers! I love your history book, it looks very kid friendly.

  3. I have always loved Origami! Thank you for linking up!