Suess on a Sunday

Sunday mornings can be crazy in our house.

Sometimes in our hurry to get to church,
we eat breakfast in the car.

MOST Sundays we eat breakfast in the car.

It's how we roll.

But for Dr. Seuss' birthday,
I wanted to do something a bit more festive.
Here was our simple spread to honor the
creator of crazy creatures and characters...
I used good old Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls,
shaped one of them into a letter "S" for Seuss,
colored the icing,
and added some sprinkles
to create
"Seussical Sweet Rolls."
 To create some Truffala Tree Fruit,
I just added some homemade Truffala Trees
to a bowl of strawberries.
I made the "trees" by gluing a handmade pom pom
to a craft straw.
Each of my kiddos got a cup for their meal
with a birthday napkin,
fork, Seuss pencils, and erasers.

(The pencils and erasers were from the
Target Dollar Spot.)
For a festive centerpiece,
I set out some of our Dr. Seuss books
and small Seuss notebooks
(also for the Target Dollar Spot),
which were also for the kiddos to keep.
Hopefully the Cat's creator would have
approved of our simple but
SEUSSICAL celebration!


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