February 21st-27th

Highlights from this past week include:

*Planning for future Easter events for our children's ministry

A few years ago,
the kiddos and I made a
Hill of Calvary Garden.

(Click HERE to see how we put ours together.)

I got this idea from Miss Jana over at

In fact,
she hosted a workshop at her home
(Part 1 is HERE and Part 2 is HERE)
in order to encourage families to come
and create their own gardens.


Her message on the importance of celebrating Easter
has been on my heart for a while now.

the Children's Ministry at our church
is going to host a class AND an Easter Egg hunt-
all in the name of the SPIRIT of EASTER!


*Lots of phone calls and emails and such-
all in the name of keeping up on my
Interim Children's Ministry elementary leader position

*Celebrated Little Miss Sunshine's last week
with us for awhile-
she is going to be a BIG SISTER soon!

I planned several
"getting ready for the new baby"
activities this week for her and the little.

It was fun.

It was messy.

Can't wait to share it with y'all...

*Worked on the Letter O with the littles

*Trying to figure out a way to tackle
Mount St. Laundry this weekend-


To read a photo play by play of the above collage,
just click HERE...


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  1. I love Easter! Can't wait to see what all you put together.

  2. I need to start preparing for Easter too, this is a craft heavy year for our Holy Week craft.

  3. We enjoyed making the Hill of Calvery one Easter, too. You always have wonderful ideas. You truly are a Wonder Woman.