stART and Sunday Science: Dr. Seuss and The Friz LOVE Our "Ocean in a Bag"

Today, we read Dr. Seuss'
"One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish"

(Honoring the birthday of one of the
BEST Children's Literature authors EVER!)

and Joanna Cole's
"The Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor."

During the Magic School Bus book,
we discussed some of the different parts
that make up the ocean:

Intertidal Zone
Continental Shelf
Continental Slope
Ocean Floor

So, for our stART and Sunday Science activity,
we created an
"Ocean in a Bag"
to remind us about how the Continental Shelf
contains the most oceanic wildlife.
(The idea came from Kathy Ross'
"Crafts for Kids Who are Wild About the Wild")
The supplies you need for this activity include:

Blue hair gel
Quart size baggies
Packing tape
Small seashells
Plastic or foam fish

Open a baggie and squeeze an entire bottle
of hair gel into the baggie.

(This is your "water.")

(Ya might also enjoy smelling the "ocean breeze"...)
Drop in a few shells and jewels/small stones...
Add some fish...
Sprinkle in some glitter...
Seal the bag with packing tape...

(Make sure to squeeze out any extra air
in the baggie before
sealing it shut!)
Put the baggie into another baggie to insure leak spillage...
There you have it!
"Ocean In a Bag!"

Now catch a wave and "Hang 10"
your way over to stART and see what others have been up to
with books and art this week!


  1. Such a great, creative project!! When Ryleigh gets a little older, I will definitely keep this one in mind :)

  2. Put the baggie in another baggie - an important step, for sure! I love Kathy Ross, she has the best craft ideas - this one is great :)

  3. What a great hands on project! Awesome!

  4. That looks like so much fun!

  5. That looks like a lot of fun. I'll agree with everyone else, the put the bag inside another bag is a super important step......
    And I really shouldn't be reading posts when I'm this tired. It took me several tries to realize what you were saying about the inertidal thinga majiger (and that is a scientific term, in case you were wondering).

  6. Oh, I totally know that "term" Ticia!

  7. Great idea! We made one awhile ago (just a sensory one) and my little guy managed to poke a hole in it and get gel everywhere!

  8. I want to come and give the bag a squeeze! Bet the kids loved making their ocean.

  9. I really enjoyed reading about this "ocean in the bag" project - I am hoping that the bags are still intact :) We read both books here too, even though MSB is still pretty much over my daughter's head.