Soon-to-be an AWESOME Big Sister Week (aka Baby Week for Tots)

One of the littles we have been watching this year
is getting ready to become
a big sister.
This past week was Little Miss Sunshine's last week
before her baby sister arrives.

So we celebrated this milestone with...
..."Soon-to-be an AWESOME Big Sister" Week!

Here are the activities we did to give
Little Miss Sunshine
a proper big sister send off...


Tot Boxes
Rattles and Bottles

I got all these little rattles and bottles
at The Dollar Tree.

(Mad Max wasn't yelling or upset in this pic-
he was shaking one of the rattles with great gusto!)


Babies and Buggies

I already had the babies
(and I do not remember from where)
and the buggies was from
The Dollar Tree.


Beads, Buggies, and Bop Bops (aka Pacifiers)

I already had the strings and wooden beads,
and the plastic pacifiers and buggies
were from The Dollar Tree.


Diaper Toss

The boys especially liked this activity-
I think they spent a good 30 minutes tossing the diapers
into the box!


Diaper Snow


This activity is MESSY!  :0)
Before playing with the "snow,"
I talked with the little about what was inside of diapers.

I cut one open...

...and showed them how these little granules of powder
(and the cotton lining)
absorb liquid.

I had previously cut open almost and entire package of diapers,
putting the granules and cotton
in a big bin.
I then added water to the mix,
and let the kiddos explore!

(Diaper Snowball!)


Books We Read During the Week


Fun Food
For snack time one day,
the kiddos made
"Fruit Loop Teething Necklaces."
All that was needed was yarn and Fruit Loops...


Baby Hot Dogs
were on the menu for lunch one afternoon.

To make them,
I cut regular sized hot dogs in half
and wrapped them up
in croissant rolls.

I gave them eyes using toothpicks and blue food coloring,
and then baked them a little longer than the
package directions gave for the croissant rolls.
The entire meal consisted of the following:
Baby Hot Dogs and ketchup
Building Blocks Crackers
(aka Cheez-Its)
Baby Carrots and Building Blocks Cheese Cubes
Baby Bottle Pops for dessert


The final activity
the kiddos worked on was
a special gift for
Little Miss Sunshine's future sister.
They all got diapers
and decorated them with Sharpies.
Please note I took the little shirts OFF
before I let them draw...

ALL the kiddos,
ages 1 to 11
created decorative diapers
for the new baby.

REMEMBER how I noted earlier
that I took the shirts OFF of the littles
before they began drawing?

I am glad I did...
I had given Pretty Princess Pants a washable marker
when she was finished with her diapers
to draw on some paper.
She decided to decorate HERSELF instead!
She looks adorable in green,
don't ya think?
a quick bath in the sink took care
of most of her tattoos!


Here are the final gifts for the new baby:


I just KNOW that Little Miss Sunshine
WILL be an AWESOME Big Sister!

We can't wait to see you in action with
the baby soon!


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