2013 Year in Review

Here's to 2013!
A year full of "highlights" and "lowlights,"
such as:

*Having the flu- TWICE

*Adding 3 new kiddos to the babysitting roster,
making me get more organized with

*Going to Disney World with the fam

*Having lots 'o summer themed fun,

*Participating in the ensemble of 
the Oak Ridge Playhouse's production of 

*Began a mini-coop called 
with another homeschooling family in the 'hood

*Said "good-bye" to our children's minister at church,
and accepted the interim position
to keep the elementary portion of our children's ministry
up and going while we search for a new children's minster

*Celebrated kiddo birthdays

*Sadly said good bye to a friend's new born baby

*Continued to craft with paper and yarn and pancakes and pizza

*Celebrated my son's baptism!!!

*Had my hair highlighted for the first time

including a group that got confused and stuck
in our garage

*Played in the snow in the Winter

*Sweated and swam in the Summer

*Jumped in piles of leaves in the Fall

*Picked lovely wildflowers and weeds in the Spring

I am THANKFUL for my life,
the good and the bad,
and look forward
to what God has in store for us all in 2014!


Check out all of my 2013 photo collages
(I do have 52 of them!)
by clicking HERE...


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  1. What a full year filled with joy and a bit of sorrow. I hope 2014 holds many highlights for you.
    Blessings, Dawn