Color Me Red

Back in February of 2010...
...I chopped off 8 inches of hair
for the Pink Heart Fund.

(Click HERE to read more...)

After letting it grow for over a year...
...I did it AGAIN.

(A little side note:
I DID FINALLY mail off my hair 
both pony tails...)

Can you see a pattern here in my hair care?

I would say I am rather low maintenance
in the hair care department.

I don't get it cut often,
since I can trim my own bangs.

I am trying something new.

I decided to get my hair-

I have also not had a hair cut in about 
a year and nine months.

(I decided to keep some length this time,
so I didn't have enough chopped off to donate,
but I figured that's OK,
since I have donated twice in the past...)

It is sad-
I know.

I just don't have a lot of time or money
to spend on myself that way,
and I am naturally blessed with nice hair.

I can let it go like this and still make it look nice-
when I NEED to-
which is usually about once a week.

But I have noticed these little grey hairs poppin' up
all over the front of my head-
and I don't like it.

So I headed to the 
and let a lovely student named Anna
color and cut my locks...
...and I am THRILLED with the results.
It is simple and sleek...
...with a healthy, natural looking color to boot!
I just MIGHT try to fix it up more often now...
...maybe even up my "pretty hair days"
from one to two a week-

Ooooooooo....  ;0)

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