Bird Watching

While studying birds with my preschoolers,
we were lucky enough to have several types of birds
around us to observe and study.
 We went to a local park
to observe the ducks...

I know she is not a bird,
but she sure is cute!)

A few weeks later
we went backs and found...
...six little ducklings!


In our neighbor's yard,
there was a nest full of Robins
we got to watch hatch and leave the nest...
There were four eggs,
but only three of the birds hatched.
It took about two weeks,
but the baby Robins did grow up and left the nest... at a time,
until the nest was empty.

(You can see what we learned about Robins
by clicking HERE.)


Perhaps one of the best
(and closest)
experiences we had with our bird watching
happened in our own garage!
We have a small pane of glass
that is broken,
which is how the Mama bird made her way
into our garage.

When the birds starting flying,
they were a bit confused,
and ended up all over our garage,
for about a day.

One of MY favorite observations
occurred on this day.
 One of the babies sat for a while amoung
among some of my book and craft boxes
which enabled the kiddos
to look at him up close.
That's when I snapped this pic!

Don't their faces
just ooze the excitement of discovery?  :0)
But they all finally made their way into the 
great outdoors,
and we were sad to see them go.
At first I thought these birds were some
type of Nuthatch,
but upon further investigation
I concluded they were...
...Carolina Wrens.

(You can read all about the Carolina Wrens
by clicking HERE.)


my parents' neighbor
currently has a nest of bluebirds
we are keeping our eyes one...
 They are HARD to observe, however.
This picture of the eyes was taken by 
Baby Girl,
while she was on my shoulders,
holding a flashlight.

We are still gonna keep checking in on them,
but I HIGHLY expect us to see much of them,

(We can read about them by clicking HERE...)


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