Bloomin' Loomin' Flowers

This past Valentine's Day,
I used my Bloom Loom to craft up some...
...yarn flowers for the girlies to give out to their friends.

I own...
...THIS Boye Bloom Loom,
which is what I constructed all the flowers on.
It comes with three pieces...
...and a set of instructions for creating the flowers.

You can also click HERE for a tutorial on how to use a flower loom
similar to this one.
After I had a gob of flowers made...
...and I mean a GOB...  
...I decided to turn them into hair clips.
Using E600 glue
(a MUST)...
...I glued the center back of each flower onto
the top of the clip.
Clip 'em onto simple tags,
and the Valentines were ready to hand out.
So many flowers... many possibilities!


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