Animal ABCs: Letter E

E is for Elephant and Eagle

Letter E Alphabet Box
(Read more about items in the Letter E Alphabet Box
by clicking HERE...)


Preschool Workbox Drawers
Letter Art

(I forgot to take a picture of this drawer before
the kiddos worked on the activities...oops!)

The Elephant E and the eagle e
are from 1+1+1=1's Animal ABC pack.
The other Letter Art pages were thought up
by me,
with inspiration for the elephant picture


Dot a Dot Page

(From 1+1+1=1's Animal ABC pack)


Pattern Blocks


Play-Doh Letters

(From 1+1+1=1's Animal ABC pack)


Letter E Printables

(From 1+1+1=1's Animal ABC pack)


 Letter E Poke Page

(I created these pages,
and if I can EVER get them to upload correctly,
I will totally share it with y'all!)


 Elephant Magnet Craft

I got this craft kit at
The Dollar Tree.
(Unfortunately, I did not get a picture
of the final product-


Elmer the Elephant Craft
After reading
I Can Too!: An Elmer Pop-Up Book
David McKee
to the kiddos...
...the kiddos each got THIS elephant picture.
Then, with a glue stick, they glued on pre-cut squares of
colorful tissue paper... create their own
Elmer Elephant.


Elephant Stomp!
Number Practice Game

(Printable from Confessions of an Homeschooler's
After placing all the numbers in pocket protectors
and spreading them around the floor...
...I would have the kiddos find numbers
and then jump on them when.
My older kiddos wanted to get in on the fun two,
so I had them complete addition/subtraction 
review problems in order
to find the number they were to stomp on.


Letter E Themed Books

(Yes, this is supposed to be an elephant puppet
in with the books for the kiddos
to play with-
my older kiddos swore it looked like
anything BUT an elephant...)


Letter E Snack
Why, we had eggs, of course!
This little guy LOVES to help me cook
eggs in the morning-
he just may be a chef in the future!


You can also check out other
Letter E ideas
we didn't get to on my


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