Diaper Drawings

Today we finally got to meet
Smiley B's Baby brother!

The kiddos wanted to bring the 
boys something special,
so I drew inspiration
from my daughter's preschool days...

When one of the siblings in her class
became a big sister,
the entire class decorated diapers
with permanent markers for a gift for the new baby.

So I bought a pack of diapers,
gave the kiddos the permanent markers,
and watched their creativity flow!


Here are some of my favorite designs
that my kiddos came up with for 
Smiley B's baby brother:
 Little Wild Man's designs
 Baby Girl's designs
 (Yes, she was watching 
"Phineas and Ferb"
while decorating some of her diapers...)
 Jungle Girl's designs


 We wrapped up the diapers...
...and a little giftie for Smiley B...
 ...and got ready to leave to meet...
..."Mad Max!"

(That's his Super Hero name...)


how's Smiley B adjusting to 
Big Brotherhood?
Pretty well...

(His mommy said he insists on wearing
a "big brother" shirt
every morning...)  ;0)

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