In my house, we all have names, which is a good thing, since it would get a little confusing calling everyone by saying, "Hey, you- no, you! Yes, I mean you..."

Even though we all have names in our house, I often get everyone's names mixed up, so I am giving everyone new Super Hero names. I, of course, being the matriarch of our clan, shall hence be known as "Wonder Mom." The leader, father, and my personal hero of our family shall be dubbed "Super Dad."

Our fantabulolus offspring all have a variety of super powers (some of which can drive any super hero a little nuts). Our oldest daughter needs the name "Jungle Girl" due to her love for animals. (She has convinced us to house a tank full of fish, two albino rats, and two Lab Retriever pups, along with the occasional ladybugs, spiders, turtle, or anything else she can find in the yard.) Daughter number two, now known as "Baby Girl," has the awesome ability to wrap her daddy around her little fingers by batting her pretty blue eyes. The final of the "Fantastic Five" needs the name of "Little Wild Man," because this little boy is, well, just that!

So there you have it! My "Fantastic Five." I am the most blessed heroine in the universe!


  1. And as I know your true alter ego, I shall be your official evil nemesis. Muwah,hah,hah,hahhhh. (Evil laugh.)

  2. I shall dub thee the infamous "Knit Wit"...