February 11th-17th

What a LOVELY week it has been...
We celebrated Valentine's Day
with homemade cinnamon rolls and turkey bacon,
handing out Glove Love Valentines,
sporting some heart hair.

I also received some pretty flowers from my husband
AND Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream
(which is MUCH BETTER
than any box of chocolates).


Homeschooling was the norm-
later I am gonna share what we
learned about the stars.

(Oh, and during Reading,
Little Wild Man
painted with pudding-
which he found thoroughly disgusting...)  ;0)


Some other fun we got into as a family
was going to a 
University of Tennessee
Men's Basketball Game.

It was fun-
even if we were in the nose-bleed seats.

Good old rocky top- Woo!


To see a photo play-by-play,
just click HERE.


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  1. I just pinned the heart hair on Pinterest! Soooo cute!!

    Thanks for linking!