A New Addition...

As we gear up for another year
of Homeschooling here at the
Fantastic Five,
I am going to have to make a few adjustments
to our schedule
...we have the sweetest little addition
coming into our home.
I am going to be "babysitting" this sweet boy
until sometime in February.

He is almost two and has already proven
to be great "entertainment"
for the kiddos and I.

We are gonna give him his own
"super hero name"-
just like we all have-
because he is definitely part of the clan now.

Let me introduce you to...
...Smiley B.

I am certain you will see his cute little face
often on the blog...

1 comment:

  1. I tried babysitting, the kids loved it, and we adored the addition, but it was a real challenge when it came to schooling - good luck - he's a cutie!