The Bird's Nest...The FINAL Chapter...

OK, remember our sweet little bird's nest,
and the updates I've been giving y'all?

On Saturday morning, we checked on our "babies" to find...

...that all had hatched!

And look- they are developing feathers...


Well, we were gone most of the day Saturday,
and then after church and a Father's Day lunch
at my parents' Sunday,
we didn't get home until around 5pm...

We were greeted by a neighborhood kiddo who said
her brother checked in on our birds that morning
and discovered... EMPTY NEST!


Here's a closer look...
That's right-
just a couple of little feathers left...

We are so sad...

And a tad suspicious...

If another animal,
like a cat or a snake,
had gotten to the birds,
wouldn't the nest be in a MESS?

Wouldn't there be "body parts"

(Please excuse my graphical descriptions...)

So, now, with my
I wonder...

Do we have a future serial killer in the 'hood?

Some cutie-pie, cherub faced child who
likes to *ahem* "experiment" with baby animals?

My husband suggested installing a security camera
the next time we have a bird's nest,
but that MIGHT be taking nature studies
a bit to the EXTREME...

Oh. Well.

That is the end to our
Bird's Nest Chronicles.

If you want to participate in happier
science experiments,
join in the FUN on Sunday Science!


  1. What a disappointing tragedy! I can't imagine that they were already ready to fly the nest - and you're right, cats leave behind quite a few feather, I don't know about snakes, but :( hmmm...

  2. I'm thinking that a cat would have carried them off, so you probably wouldn't find much at the nest. A "cherub" probably would have taken the whole nest, or even the box. How are your kids dealing with it?

  3. @ Ellen:

    You're probably right about taking the whole box...unless the "cherub" is a GENIUS sociopath (oops- there I go again!).

    The kiddos are handling it well, in fact, they are a bit "intrigued" by the mysterious disappearance.

    Another thought I had was that raccoon might have carried them off- they will eat baby birds, I've heard...

  4. Oh no. That is so sad. We found a baby bird in our bushes this weekend. I think it was abandoned because it was too young to fly. We didn't touch it just in case the mother came back for it. It was gone today. I hope the mother came for it.

  5. Oh no, I"m going to pretend they magically got a lot of feathers and started flying.