Toy Story 3 Movie Review

(Before you read this,
please remember-
Gene Shalit, I am NOT...)

We went and saw...
Toy Story 3
this past Saturday,
and it was WELL WORTH the money...

(The picture above is a special snack we purchased
in honor of the movie-
we don't normally keep fruit snacks in the house,
come on,
who DOESN'T want to chow down on a
Little Green Man every now and again?)

The old favs are back, and better than ever!

There are also some new toys who make the movie memorable...

(Barbie and Ken are a RIOT, especially for those
of us who spent weeks of our childhood
playing dress up with the plastic duo
and creating soap opera type drama
in the Dreamhouse...)

(Now that I reread that, it makes it sound like my childhood
play was not"G" rated,
but I PROMISE- it WAS!!!)

If you can afford to take the kiddos out to a movie
this year,
make it this one...

(But do not spring for the 3-D version-
we didn't, and enjoyed the movie all the same!)

**Disney DID NOT pay me for this review...
but they should...
or at least send me an Operation Buzz Lightyear game... :0)


  1. I think we'll wait for the DVD, so all six children can see it without bankrupting us - but now I'm really, really looking forward to it - hopefully it will be out by Thanksgiving , and can be our holiday movie :)

  2. @ An Almost Unschoolers mom:

    I TOTALLY understand- and I would HIGHLY recommend it for your holiday move- I know it will be ours!

  3. We saw it on Friday and didn't do the 3-D version either. Truth be told, I don't even really like 3-D (I think it's hard on the eyes!)
    Very cute movie. You may want to participate in Destination Disney this week over on my blog. This week's topic is Disney-Pixar movies.

  4. @ Heidi:

    Thanks! I am headed there now...

  5. We are going tomorrow. I'm as excited as the kiddos!

  6. I'm eagerly looking forward to when we can go see it. Sometime soon, hopefully.

  7. Great review! My daughters really want to see this movie. Ok I'll admit it, I do to :-) I'll definitely have to make plans to take them soon.
    ~ Nanette
    TOS Older Crew

  8. We're going tomorrow!


  9. I can't wait to see this movie... and my boys are excited about it, too. I had those same Wonder Woman Under-roos when I was a kid. Love the photo!

  10. We saw it today in 3D. It was our first 3D movie, and a big splurge for us, since we rarely go to the movies. We all loved it though so fun!