Creative Critters...

This evening, Jungle Girl came running inside to get me
and show me something...

It was this old box on the side of our porch.

This box used to house caterpillars,
which have long since left the residence,
either by choice or by accidental death...

(I place all the kiddos critter boxes on the side of our front porch,
so as not to create too much of an "eye sore" in the neighborhood.)

She opened the reveal this supposed "mess."

But, upon closer inspection,
the grass, straw, and twigs had a form...
It's a sweet little bird's nest...
...with four little eggs!

We have seen Mama Bird return,
so HOPEFULLY we will get to observe
one of God's little miracles in a few days...

His critters are so resourceful and creative!


  1. AMAZING! I bet you guys were so excited. I can't wait to hear how it all goes. Thanks for posting my bigger than life button. I'm still trying to figure the blogging thing. I'm sure your ideas will be "wonderful".

  2. That's great -- I love those moments.

  3. How cool! I want pictures of the progress.

  4. What fun! Pictures of the progress is a great idea.

  5. What an awesome surprise to find a nest WITH eggs. Exciting times ahead checking those precious little eggs.

    You guys crack me up with the antics you get up to. Your downtown adventure looks like so much fun and it looks like you all smiled and laughed your way through it - the best thing to do on any adventure.

    We have the SPORE project on our list of things to do. What patriotic looking fungi you created!

    It is always a joy to stop by your blog. It makes me smile.

  6. This is so fantastic, as a kid this event would of put me way over the top. Good for you to have these critter boxes!!