Bird's Nest Update #1

Remember the bird's nest
Jungle Girl discovered on our porch,
about 10 days ago?

Guess what....
We have baby birds!

So far, three of the four eggs have hatched...
(Please note that the middle baby
is lifting up his little neck,
looking for his next meal.)

They are so ugly, they're cute!


  1. You really couldn't ask for a better science project for the kids!

  2. Incredible, what a wonderful thing to get to experience. Do you know what kind of bird they are?

  3. I'm jealous, all of the bird's nests we've seen have been way up high where we couldn't go see inside.

  4. We have a perfect place on our back porch where birds love to build nests. As much as I adore nature study, after one summer of CONSTANTLY cleaning bird droppings off our chairs and swing, we are now vigilant about tossing any nests we see out there before eggs are laid. We also keep a box up blocking their favorite spot. I sometimes feel badly about it, but my husband doesn't. The back porch is the domain of the man and his grill around here!

    Enjoy the baby birds!

  5. Aw ~ how precious! You are right they are so ugly they are cute. Stopping by from the TOS Crew blog walk. I'm already a devoted follower. Can't wait to read your reviews!

  6. I'm doing the TOS blog walk. I love the baby birds. What a great learning experience.

  7. How exciting to have baby birds. Your children must be marvelling at these babes.

    The rocket sprinkler looks like a stack of fun. What a way to cool down and escape the summer heat.

    Congratulations on making "The Crew".

  8. How exciting to be able to watch all the stages of the young birds lives. I'm a member of the TOS Crew along with you. I look forward to reading more posts.

  9. what precious babies (even if they are ugly!). Just stopping by from the TOS crew. You have a great blog (love the colors). I look forward to your reviews.