Happy Father's Day...Late...As Ususal...

I wanted to give Dads out there equal time on my blog
for Father's Day,
(like I did for mothers on Mother's Day this year),
and I wanted to include Wonder Woman somehow...

But, as I have illustrated in an earlier blog post,
Wonder Woman really doesn't HAVE a father...

How sad.

So... about a Smurf instead?

My husband,
(whom I call Super Dad on the blog),
was a big smurf fan "back in the day,"
so I post this picture in honor of him...

...and all of the other Super Dads in the universe!

(I also want to deliver a big
THANK YOU to my father and my father-in-law,
who set very good examples in the parenting arena-
and are the BEST Grandpas in the world!)


  1. Just stopping by on the TOS Blog walk....and realized we used to be practially neighbors! Up until January of this year, we lived in Clinton, TN :) (But now we are in TX)

  2. Sigh, you're doing better than me. I haven't even gotten mine written yet.

  3. @ Apryl:

    That is so funny, because the lady who posted a comment after you on my blog (Ticia) is living Texas now!

    Let me "formally" introduce you two:

    Apryl, this is Ticia, Ticia, this is Apryl. Yee-haw!