Weekly Wrap-Up: Dance 'Til You Drop!

Well, well, well...

This week has been all about

(Which, coincidentally, has lead us to
an impromptu vacation from
"regular" homeschool-
though I truly believe the experiences my kiddos
are having this week have involved learning...)

Sunday evening was the BIG...
"His Kids" performance
"Life School Musical."

Both Jungle Girl and I were heavily involved with this show...

(Read more by clicking HERE)

Tuesday being DANCE MADNESS...

The girls are had dress rehearsal
Tuesday and Wednesday...
...for the Thursday, Friday,
and Saturday performances...

A total of dancing at 7 different shows!
They LOVE it though...

(Read more by clicking HERE)

NOW do you see why we are chillin'
on the school work this week?

In between rehearsals and performances,
we have been enjoying the great outdoors...
(Oh, my Little Wild Man
NEEDS to start organized sports
Perhaps we have been enjoying the
great outdoors a bit too much...

(Read more by clicking HERE)

While indoors,
we have enjoyed a couple of new movies...
...which you can read more about
by clicking HERE...
...and HERE.

Yup, yup yup-
that's been about all for us this week!

NEXT WEEK will be full of flowers,
"R" words, and batteries,
I do believe...

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have been up to,
head on over to the
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  1. I love the costumes...and the out door photo LOL! I forgot all about Astro Boy, we wanted to see that.

  2. Hooray for dance schools that don't focus on the recital. I had a tough time trying to find a ballet class for Savvy that didn't have "performances" that were "stongly encouraged" throughout the year.

    What a huge, yet rewarding, week for you and your family. You guys must be all danced out after such a performance.