Muffin Tin Monday: Astro Boy (and no, we didn't watch the Spanish version...)

We had a B-U-S-Y weekend,
so we canceled homeschooling for today,
and had a Movie Day...

We rented...

"Astro Boy"from our local Redbox.

Since we watched the movie during lunchtime,
I decided to make a MTM meal
to add to our fun...

Sadly, I DID NOT abide with the
suggested theme of
"Cinco De Mayo/Mexican Heritage,"
and I don't think Redbox carried
a Spanish version...

here's what I served the kiddos...

An Astro Boy peanut butter sandwich
and an
"A" is for Astro graham cracker...
A "Zog" graham cracker
and a
Zog pear-and-marshmallow "robot"...
Mini pretzel rods
Baby carrots
for robot building "materials"...
Before eating, Little Wild Man
made sure to construct a "robot"
our of his "materials"...
Baby Girl sure enjoyed Astro Boy's
rad icing hair...
....and Jungle Girl made sure to be
comfy and cozy
during the movie!

So, after renting your favorite
Spanish film,
head on over to
Muffin Tin Monday
to see what others ate
to celebrate Cinco De Mayo...


  1. What fun! I did my own theme too.

  2. Sounds like a fun day - maybe we'll rent that tonight - in English :)

  3. Seriously awesome substitute for the theme!!! Love it!

  4. cute tins. was the movie any good?

  5. Yes Kristie, the movie was very cute!

  6. I love your pear robot! How creative!