Bollywood Monsters...

I LOVE The Dancer's Studio
and all its wonderful teachers...

Jungle Girl has been taking dance there for three years
and Baby Girl has been going for two...

The philosophy for dance at the Studio
is that the children learn discipline and respect
while learning to dance...

It's NOT about a recital.

At least, in the "traditional" sense.

Now, I took dance for 7 years at a little
place called
"Miss Charlotte's School of Dance,"
and I truly enjoyed my dance experience there.

I learned poise, confidence, and the ability to perform
in front of an audience.

HOWEVER, I'd say there was a BIG focus on

My parents bought $100-$150 worth of costumes
for me to perform three-four dance numbers
during a 4-5 hour recital.


At The Dancer's Studio,
the end of the year program is optional,
cost us about $20-$30 for costumes
(for 2 girls, mind you),
and the progrma lasts about
an hour and a half.

All the while,
the girls are making memories
that will last them a lifetime...

This is Baby Girl's 1st
"Evening of Dance"
and she is so excited!

The girls will be performing a number called
which has a Bollywood vibe to it...

It's SO fun...

Now, I am not allowed to take pictures during the actual programs,
so I took pics at rehearsals,
'cause I gotta...
Little Wild Man has been a trooper,
watching his sisters at dance all year...

(Don't worry boy, your sisters will
be getting their "pay back"
when you start soccer in the fall!)The girls are also helping with the preschool
classes as demonstrators,
so they will be "dancing like the wind"
with the preschoolers in an "unofficial" Saturday morning show...
The program will take place at one of our
local University's theaters,
which is in the round...

(Look at Little Wild Man-
he was helping me take pictures with his
sister's DSi...)
(I LOVE the movement of their costumes in this number...)

Now, the "Boo!" number definitely has a
more lively...
...and COLORFUL feel to it!
The girls in the class are "little monsters"
chasing their high school demonstrator
around the stage...

...but trying to be "sneaky" while they do it!
I'm SO PROUD of my Bollywood Princesses...

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