Before Meets After...Baby Girl

Just look at her...
...isn't she precious?

Could my Baby Girl LOOK more like
a girlie-girl than in this picture?

(A big "shout out" to Marmee and Grandalf
for giving her this cutie-patootie outfit...)

Well...looks can most definitely be deceiving...

Baby Girl started her Sunday looking like this....

By Monday evening...

...her inner tomboy took over!

She was playing in the mud puddles
with the best of 'em!
(She wanted to make sure I got a shot of her
Makes a Mama proud...)
I will say,
I am SO GLAD to have the best of both
worlds with my girls.

Yes, they enjoy having their nails painted
and getting bows put in their hair,
but they also spend afternoons catching bugs
and playing in the mud...

I LOVE raising tomboy girlie-girls!


  1. Nice, she'd get along great with Princess, they can get their five minutes of being cute and then turn into mud monsters right after.

  2. Let's set up a "play date" for whenever we are in Texas...hmmm...

  3. At least she changed out of the dress, before she jumped into the mud! Love the painted toenails :)

  4. You are so right, AAUM!(Oh, and she wanted her nails painted pink with black stripes, which I did, but you probably can't tell from the picture...the color choices are SO HER!!!)