His Kids "Life School" Musical

In an earlier post,
I made the comment that we had a B-U-S-Y weekend...

It was because Jungle Girl and I
performed in our church's "His Kids" program...
..."Life School Musical!"

"His Kids" is our church's children's choir,
which is currently comprised of 41 1st-5th graders...
Here they are, ready to bust it out!

I am the assistant choir director to a WONDERFUL
woman named Miss Carol-
she comes up with choreography and stage direction
that rivals the best of the best,
in my humble opinion...

And she does it ALL to glorify God-
and makes CERTAIN that the kiddos understand that
that is THE reason we all do this performance
every year....

Here are our 5th grade girls,
who were the leads in the musical...
We have a shortage of older boys
in our choir,
so we chose a 3rd grader (left) and
a 4th grader (right) for the other leads...

(Oh, and I played "Miss Knows-Alot,"
the kids' science teacher...
so sorry y'all didn't get to see a pic
of me with my rockin' reading glasses on!)

ALL the kiddos did SUCH an amazing job!
Here's a couple of the BEST middle school
girls in the world-
they were VITAL in helping us
make the details of the musical come together
as stage hands...
(This is pic of Jungle Girl, trying NOT to laugh...)
Baby Girl gave the performance
"Two Thumbs Up"...

And I give God all of my thanks for letting us
have such a creative opportunity to worship Him...

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  1. Fun! What a great ministry opportunity for the children :)