March 28th-April 24th

March 28th-April 3rd
Highlights from this week included:

*Going to see Mr. Jim
(our family friend and a Physician Assistant)
on a Saturday to be diagnosed with
Strep throat

Mr. Jim has all kinds of critters at his house,
including baby bunnies
and a very vocal turkey-
such a fun place to visit,
even if you are sick.

*Hosting a small Nerf Rebelle party

I wanted to do SO MUCH MORE
than we got to due,
because I was sick and the weather was RAINY.

BUT the kiddos made the most
of the Nerf Rebelle gear,
and battled each in the house,
which brightened up our dreary day.

*Leading the kiddos at church in a song
during Family Sunday

I have greatly enjoyed working as our church's
Interim Children's Director
during these past few months.

I have been SO ENCOURAGED by our youth,
and I hope to work with them
in some capacity for years to come...

*Continued decorating the house for Easter,
with a focus on the front porch

*Celebrated April Fools' Day
with a SWEET prank

(Read more about the prank HERE.)


 April 4th-10th
Highlights from this week included:

*Spending a fun afternoon
with the Nussbaums
at Dollywood!!!

*Admiring some gorgeous art work
at the downtown Chalk Walk

*Lots of prepping for our church's
Community Easter Egg Hunt

I went shopping, made decor, planned the lesson,
and helped distribute flyers
with our middle schoolers.

*FINALLY got back into our
"Expecting Easter" lessons
with a secret flower mission.

(You can read more about our
"Expecting Easter" activity by clicking HERE...)

*Kept my cool and FINALLY got my youngest
little to take her bottle

She is breastfed at home,
and recently she has decided
(even though I am feeding her Mama's milk)
to fight me 
about taking it from a bottle.

I will do A LOT for the littles I babysit,
but breastfeeding
just ain't a possibility!


As I worked on getting her to eat from the bottle-
basically tiring her out-
I was reminded about how I
have handled a baby like this in my 20's.

It would have brought me to tears.

Oh, aging does bring with it glorious benefits-
like mellowing and wisdom!


April 11th-17th
Highlights from this week include:

*Getting my littlest Flower girl
ready for her Senior Prom
(sniff, sniff)

*Continuing to prepare kiddos' hearts for Easter
during Communion time

*Focusing on Expecting Easter lessons
with my kiddos and the littles
during homeschool lessons

You can read about the following lessons
by clicking on the words below:

*Babysat for a sweet little nugget
on Tuesday

She ALMOST made me wish I had
another baby-


April 18th-24th
Highlights from this week include:

*Finishing up our Expecting Easter lessons
(and a simple snack, too!)

*Helping our sister Hispanic church
with childcare for their BIG Good Friday service

We watched the movie
(I know- Thanksgiving at Easter time-

I picked this movie
since I knew a lot of kiddos
had not seen it yet,
(I needed to avoid Frozen like the plague!)
and it was about birds.

After the movie
(and some pizza),
I read
to the kiddos
(do you see my weak Easter connection now?).

We then did an old VBS Balancing Bird craft
we had lots of leftovers of in
our church resource room.

it all makes sense, right?


As long as it kept the 30+ kiddos entertained,
I was happy!

*Prepped for all of Sunday's
Easter fun

*Celebrated the Resurrection
with our kiddos at church
with a fun Easter party

(Click HERE to see all the details)

*Had Easter dinner with
family friends
and then attempted our first
night egg hunt

Our glow sticks did NOT work,
so the plan for next year
is to paint the eggs with
some glow in the dark paint.

It did not matter too much,
since all the kiddos had flashlights.

This hunt definitely lasted longer
than a typical Easter Egg hunt!

*Hosted a
Children's Ministry Coordinator meeting
for my favorite

We looked at plans for the Summer
and the beginning of Fall.

I am looking forward to planning and 
putting together our
it is going to be

*Had a fun visit with
Ticia Messing from
(and her kiddos)

This is my first blogger friend I
have ever gotten to meet
and it just proves to me the VALUE
in blogger friendships.

like we were old friends,
because of all we have learned about each other
via our blogs.

Ticia drove
by hundreds of miles
to meet me,
and I cannot express to her enough
how grateful I am that she did!

She lives in Texas,
and I live in East Tennessee,
so on her way to the
in Ohio,
she just detoured my way!

SOMEDAY my family WILL
head down to Texas,
and hopefully I can spend more
than just a few hours with her then...


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  1. Wow. What you accomplish in one week amazes me. You must have limitless energy! LOL What a beautiful week you had. I always love your collages.

  2. So happy you got to meet Ticia!! Maybe one day I can be another blogger you get to meet IRL. Wouldn't that be fun? TN and GA aren't too far apart!

  3. What a fun and productive month!
    blessings, Dawn

  4. I loved meeting you!
    And when you come to Texas it will be awesome, you'll of course have to plan it so you have a day or two to spend and I can wow you with the awesomeness of Round Rock!

  5. Wow, looks like a busy but amazing month!

  6. I know I've been busy lately, but how did I miss that you got to meet up with Ticia!?! I'm soooo jealous of you both - but so glad you hit it off in "real life" as well as in the blogger world.

    Love the Easter pictures too - such style :)