April Fools on April 4th

This past April Fools' Day,
the kiddos and I had some fun
playing a "sweet" prank on one of our
favorite neighbors.
We decided to play the role of
The Marshmallow Bandits
and decorate the bushes in their front yard with
lots 'o marshmallows.
Here are the little pranksters,
ready to decorate
the night before April 1st...

He is very serious about his marshmallow duty...


Lady J, the mother of our buddies,
sent me a video of the kiddos
before they went out and saw the marshmallows...

She said as soon as they looked at the bushes
they started picking the marshmallows
off of the bushes
and stuffing their faces!
Later in the day,
the marshmallows made great ammo
for a marshmallow fight.


For lunch on April Fools' Day...
...I served the kiddos a deceptively normal looking lunch.

Inspired by THIS post... is the lunch I crafted up in the
Hockman Homeschool Kitchen.
Ham 'n Bug Sandwiches
Switch-a-Roo Chips
"What's with the Water?" drink
(Water bottles filled with 7up instead of water)
Wormy Apples
(Apples with a gummy worm sticking out of them)
Wacky Raisins
(Fruit snack instead of raisins in the raisin box)


The kiddos were fooled by parts of the lunch...
Here is Baby Girl surprised by the "water"...
...and Little Wild Man was definitely happy to have
Doritos in his Fritos chip bag.
A fun lunch for my little fools!

Hope the first day of April
was full of fun surprises for you too!

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