"Rockin'" Resurrection Party

On Easter Sunday,
we had a lot to celebrate
in Children's Church!
The sins we had buried in our
were gone!

Just like on that first Easter
years ago,
the tomb was

Jesus was ALIVE!!!


Since we had a lot to celebrate,
we had a party
in Children's Church...
(The kiddos were pretty excited as they arrived,
can ya tell?)

I decorated our Fellowship Hall
with some simple table clothes...
...balloons, the Resurrection Cake and
Hill of Calvary Garden.


To kick off the party...
 ...we played the "Right-Left" game.

All of the kiddos sat in a big circle
and were each given an Easter Egg
with a prize inside.

I also put into the mix two "special" eggs
that were empty and decorated with Washi tape-
those eggs had special prizes attached to them.

When the kiddos were ready,
I read a part of the Easter story
I summarized from

In my summery,
I used the words
"left" and "right" often.
Whenever I said the word "left,"
the kiddos had to pass their egg to the left.

When I said the word "right,"
they had to pass their egg to the right.

The kiddos then got to keep
whatever egg they ended up with
at the end of the story.

The Washi tape egg holders received
either a chocolate cross or

(You can download a copy
of the game for your own use
by clicking HERE.)


After the game,
I had the kiddos sit at the tables
and I reviewed the story
and pointed out the empty tomb in
our Hill of Calvary garden.

Then I showed them the...
...Empty Tomb cake.
Oh how the woman at the tomb must have felt!
Scared, confused, sad, excited-
all at the same time!

After we reviewed the story,
it was time to have some of that cake!

I got the idea for this cake over at
I used Devils Food cake mix
(hee! hee!)
and chocolate icing for the cake,
both from Duncan Hines,
since their mixes are peanut allergy free.
I decorated the cake using figures from
THIS Oriental Trading Company Resurrection set.

I also had sheet cakes in the back to serve to the kiddos
so there was PLENTY to go around!


We ended our party by making
a Prayer Rock craft,
to remind us that the stone has been rolled away
from the tomb!
I found THIS free printable
Prayer Rock Poem
to hand out to each of the kiddos.

Instead of painting a rock,
like I have seen most of them done...
 ...we used Washi tape to decorate the stones.
I did NOT want to chance the kiddos
spilling paint
all over their new Easter clothes-
plus Washi tape is just so fun and colorful!


As the kiddos left Children's Church
to go and celebrate Easter in "big" church
 with their families,
I had a little party favor to give to them...

(Love THIS free printable from the
Happy Home Fairy!)


We celebrate...
...for He has risen!
He has risen indeed!!!

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  1. What a great party. I am pinning this for ideas for next year's Easter party.