Ocean Preschool

The last unit I had my preschoolers
go through before kicking off the school year
was all about...
...the ocean.

Here are the activities they participated in...


Ocean Explorer Box

Besides putting characters from 
Finding Nemo
in the box...

(which I found at The Dollar Tree)
...I filled the box with aquarium gravel,
seashell pasta,
and real shells.

I also had a little Vine fun of my own
with the box... ;0)


Prewriting and Coloring with Crabs

These printables are from

Let me just say how PROUD I am of the
Puppy Prince!

When he first began writing practice with me
in January,
he would make a bunch of scribbles.

Just LOOK at his improvement!
(Somebody wanted to be in the picture!)


Coloring Matching Shell game

After painting different colors in different shells... 
...the kiddos had to try to find the color match,
just like any matching game.


Stamping Up a School of Fish

I will MOST DEFINITELY be stamping with the littles again-
they LOVED it!


Shell Transfer Fine Motor Skill Activity

I got the tropical ice cube trays
for this activity at 
The Dollar Tree.


Fish "Bubble" Number Count
Using jewel (bubbles),
the kiddos counted out the number of bubbles
each fish needed according to its marked number.

(The paper fish were from The Dollar Tree.)


Paper Plate Puppet Craft Kit

I was very happy to find this 
EASY-PEASY craft kit at
The Dollar Tree one day.
The only thing we added to the kit
were skewer sticks to convert the 
sea creatures into puppets,
as well as glue dots to put the craft together.


Under the Sea Puzzles

This CUTE ABC puzzle is from The Dollar Tree...
...and this Under the Sea puzzle I got at a thrift store.

The littles found bothe these puzzles a bit hard...
...but the older kiddos had fun
putting them together...


Starfish Marble Transfer

I have seen this idea of using
marbles and bath tub liner shapes
floating around Pinterest...
I found these Starfish shapes at a local
discount store
(NOT at The Dollar Tree-
don't be too shocked!).  ;0)
The boys especially enjoyed this activity...


Here are some of the books
we read during this unit:

This book was THE favorite of the week!
I purchased a set of these books a few years back
at The Dollar Tree,
and they are ALWAYS a fun read for the kiddos...
If you watch this video,
I think you can see why!


Here are a couple other fun activities we did
during the week:

We pulled out the...
always a messy hit-
and ate an...
...Under the Sea Feast 
for lunch one afternoon.

(You can see how I make this feast
by clicking HERE.)


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